Dr. Julie Zak

chiropractor orland park ilJulie Zakutansky, DC

       Dr. Zak specializes in natural solutions to chronic health problems. Using a functional, integrated approach, she combines holistic nutritional analysis with traditional chiropractic therapy to treat the cause of your illness, not just the symptoms.

       A biochemical scientist by training, Dr. Zak can harmonize the delicate balance of your body’s chemical system, structural integrity, and emotional health. Even the smallest change to any one of those features upsets the entire balance. Through optimal nutrition and chiropractic manipulation, she helps you regain balance so that you can reach your fullest, healthiest potential.

       Chiropractic care helps patients with a variety of health problems, including allergies, digestive disorders, fatigue, headaches, hypertension, joint pain, reproductive disorders, sinusitis, and even skin disorders. She can also offer guidance if you are pursuing eastern and western medical treatments jointly and frequently gives informative, inspirational presentations on holistic, chiropractic and nutritional topics for community and business groups.

       After studying chemistry physics and mathematics at the undergraduate level at St. Mary’s and completing a chemistry research fellowship at Notre Dame University, Dr. Zak attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to pursue advanced studies in Chemistry. A scientist by training and naturally curious, she found that combining her knowledge of biochemistry with chiropractic and holistic medicine spoke to her on a very deep, personal level, and she continued on to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic. Dr. Zak has been pursuing advanced studies in nutrition and functional medicine ever since. She loves her my career, and helping her patients change their lives for the better has brought her joy for over a decade.

       She looks forward to the chance to guide you on your journey toward a natural, stunningly healthy you!

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