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ELEMENTAL CENTER LTD Intensive Outpatient Program




Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are treatment programs, based in the outpatient settings for patients who need more  support and intensive level of care but do not need inpatient or partial hospital level of care. 

the elemental center iop programs are designed to address several issues including but not limited to anxiety, school refusal, addictions, depression, eating disorders, trauma or other dependencies that do not require detoxification or round-the-clock supervision.

They enable patients to continue with their normal, day-to-day lives in a way that residential treatment programs do not. Whereas residential treatment requires that clients reside on site, clients in intensive outpatient programs live at home.

IOPs are sometimes used in conjunction with inpatient programs as a way of stabilizing patients post discharge or as a form of step-down from more intenstive residential or inpatient programs. 

helping clients to more smoothly and seamlessly integrate back into their families and communities. our iop is designed to establish support mechanisms, help with relapse management, and provide coping strategies.

We offer 4 Intensive outpatient programs: 


. Breaking down barriers - program for children and adolescents with school refusal, social anxiety, mood disorders, school and interpersonal challenges. 


. Journey to Recovery - Specifically designed for adults who struggle with substance used disorders or addictions. Our goal is to support each brave sour in the recovery journey. 


. Growth and Learning - for adolescents healing - this program is for adolescents with significant anxiety, mood disorders, self injurious behaviors, body image and interpersonal challenges. 


. Multifamily Support Group - this program is for familys of anyone who have a loved one with mental illness or substance use disorders.