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Office care coordinators
Vanessa Benavidez
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Jessica Larsen, LCSW
Captain Al Sango, APN
Pamella Veile
Keisha Cole
Tom McCann, LCSW
Dr. Martins Adeoye, MD, FAPA
Melissa M Musec, MD
Mofoluwa Amiyan MHPN, APN
Stephanie Small-Behlke, LCPC
Fernanda C Krumm, LCPC
Gabriella Finucane
Kailey Huber
Stacey Seals, LPC
Nadia Jamison, LPC
Paula Petrosino, LPC
Joel Atreyo Lopez De Nava
Angelica Montemayor
Tendika Gerke
Care Advocate and Team leader

                 VP Clinical Services 

            Licensed Psychotherapist

Medical Director
Mental Health Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Training Director
Student Therapist, Intern
Student Therapist, Intern
Care Coordinator
Practice Development and Service Integration Manager
Life coach
Director of Staff Administration 
Vice President of Operations
Team Leader
Licensed Therapist
Finance and Billing Coordinator
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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Psychiatrists / Practitioners

 Office Care Coordinators

Student Therapist, Intern

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